Pink Is The New Dog

As much as I laugh at celebrities it's their puppies I adore. Visit me for all the deets on whose dog is making headlines, which celebs can't carry them through airports (I'm talking to YOU Jessica), how they're dressing and accessorizing them, and when they're being paraded through Kitson. And listen up Jake, Nicole, Mischa, Paris, et al: Do not even THINK about leaving home without your puppies. News Flash: You are not interesting to us without them!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ohmigod LOOK at this little guy. LOOK AT HIM! Such a proud walk. Adorable! Well, either he's feeling proud or he's just beside himself with excitement over getting a piece a that cake.

What the hell is Duff wearing, by the way? I am so over the baggy, oddly banded-bottom shirt look out there. Enough! And don't get me started on the shoes the "punk" boyfriend obviously foisted on her.


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