Pink Is The New Dog

As much as I laugh at celebrities it's their puppies I adore. Visit me for all the deets on whose dog is making headlines, which celebs can't carry them through airports (I'm talking to YOU Jessica), how they're dressing and accessorizing them, and when they're being paraded through Kitson. And listen up Jake, Nicole, Mischa, Paris, et al: Do not even THINK about leaving home without your puppies. News Flash: You are not interesting to us without them!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We loved you, Moose

I don’t know….call it the Summertime blues…call it me ADOPTING TWO 8 WEEK-OLD TEDDY BEAR YORKIES that I cannot ever seem to tear myself away from …call it my super disappointment over Trent from Pink Is The New Blog utterly ignoring my emails (wherein I send him much respect) (And jeeeeez, I mean, even the Perez guy said he'd give me a shout out) it anything you want…but I COULD NOT keep this blog up in the last three weeks. I just sort of…didn’t do it.

But then…something happened yesterday that lit a fire under me:

MOOSE DIED!,26334,1208083,00.html

Poor little Moose. That adorable and HILARIOUS dog from Frasier. Moose was the epitome of a funny “TV Dog”….not, like, a Spuds McKenzie high-priced Spokesanimal, no.

I mean, what the hell was this shizz?

No, Moose was more in the category of Petey from “The Little Rascals.”

He didn't showboat like Spuds or that freakin’ slobbering mess in those Charles Grodin movies…

Moose just showed up, did his thing, exited stage left. Loved that about him. Professionalism. Subtlety!

Anyway, while I don’t usually go for the “famous dog” thing, per se…I’m more of a “dogs of the famous” girl, myself…I do feel I owe it to Moose to get this site going and keep it up. HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR ME!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Found her!!!

Oh so THAT’S where Tinkerbell has been hiding out. I take it the monkey is in there with you too, huh Tink?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

You know, try as I might, I can't really find one bad thing to say about this shot of Heather Graham. It's absolutely adorable. I guess, to say SOMEthing...I'll say: I dare you to choose which one is cuter...Heather or her new puppy.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stay cute, lil guy...OR ELSE

Friday, June 09, 2006

Drew and Flossie Hail a Cab

Michael Myers and Dog star in Halloween 6


Oh wait...wait wait! It's just Mickey Rourke, his puppy, and a cel phone. Ohmigod I was so sure that was a knife, too! Let me relax...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Star Factoids...

Hmm. Let’s see. thisclose to being kicked off stoopid TV show. Husband outed. Universally despised. Glamorous apartment gone. Industry respect in the seriously negative numbers. Blatant lying about weight loss surgery backfiring and resulting in disgust from every single person in the world. One cel phone heave away from having a random assistant take her to court. And forced to face the fact that she is utterly irrelevant and not even anywhere NEAR becoming a random trivia question, if she’s lucky.

Star is in a serious reputation spiral. Let’s think. What can be done here? Oh!!! Oh!!! I KNOW!!!! I KNOW!!!! She can rent a stylish puppy (or, better yet, force a pet store to give it to her, in exchange for “puh-ru-motion”), wear a matching dress, and pose on a red carpet for an hour in an attempt to garner “cute” and “sympathy” votes.

Is it working for you guys? Cuz she totally got me with this one. Star tricked me this time. I’m sucked right in. Uh huh. She's adorable to me now.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Jodie/Jordan Marsh. And the Belly.

Let's talk about Jodie Marsh for one second, and quickly move on to her puppy, k?

I am an unabashed Anglophile...always have been...bigtime...and i STILL had to look this chick up. I still don't know why she's famous...except for the size of her breasts.

"Jodie Marsh is an exception. This model -- who doesn't model much and has about as much glamour as your friendly neighborhood stripper -- became huge in Great Britain primarily by being at all the hot parties. Fellow big-breasted model Jordan also used this strategy, to great success."


Anyway, let's take a look at her new puppy. Poor guy is being used, like so many others, as the press event bait needed to get the papps flashing away. And you can see why...HE'S UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!!

I know I make a lot out of bellies on this site...I know...but I can't help it...this puppy's belly is SO so so calling out for a raspberry.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

And now, she's a designer...

Mariah is launching a line of upscale puppy products..diamond-encrusted whatevers. Pup Star. She's hoping to have it available at Neiman Marcus. Let's hope she allows a real dog to model the stuff. I mean an actual canine, folks...not her. Be nice. Ya gotta love Mimi.

What happened to Ziggy???

He was FINE yesterday. Does she HAVE to keep making him march ALL OVER Toronto?? Does she not get enough exposure in the media?

WTF, Barton???!! You going Britney on us now? We want answers!!!!