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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We loved you, Moose

I don’t know….call it the Summertime blues…call it me ADOPTING TWO 8 WEEK-OLD TEDDY BEAR YORKIES that I cannot ever seem to tear myself away from …call it my super disappointment over Trent from Pink Is The New Blog utterly ignoring my emails (wherein I send him much respect) (And jeeeeez, I mean, even the Perez guy said he'd give me a shout out) it anything you want…but I COULD NOT keep this blog up in the last three weeks. I just sort of…didn’t do it.

But then…something happened yesterday that lit a fire under me:

MOOSE DIED!,26334,1208083,00.html

Poor little Moose. That adorable and HILARIOUS dog from Frasier. Moose was the epitome of a funny “TV Dog”….not, like, a Spuds McKenzie high-priced Spokesanimal, no.

I mean, what the hell was this shizz?

No, Moose was more in the category of Petey from “The Little Rascals.”

He didn't showboat like Spuds or that freakin’ slobbering mess in those Charles Grodin movies…

Moose just showed up, did his thing, exited stage left. Loved that about him. Professionalism. Subtlety!

Anyway, while I don’t usually go for the “famous dog” thing, per se…I’m more of a “dogs of the famous” girl, myself…I do feel I owe it to Moose to get this site going and keep it up. HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR ME!


  • At 12:10 AM, Blogger Pop Fantastic is... said…

    Keep at it-- your blog is great.. it's a lot to sit a write something everyday -- but your stuff is really great!


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